Our Team

Basil (Paul) Patrick

Director of Entertainment (Chief Recreation Officer CRO)

Title: Director of Entertainment (Chief Recreation Officer CRO)

Reports to: All members

Paul ensures smooth execution of the entertainment delivered by the entertainment team in line with the programme of events.


1. Delivery of Entertainment Package – Shows, Day or Night time Entertainment Events, Children’s Clubs, Character Productions, and Visiting Artistes
2. People Management – Coaching & Development, Staging, Sound System
3. Department Management – Advertising, Technical, Costume & Hardware Management, Observing opportunities for continual Improvement and general administration
4. Performance – Presenting/comparing, Stage work, Show Performance (where required)
5. Customer Care – Acting on customer feedback
6. Marketing – Ensuring the guest communication is optimised; coordinate ticket sales with marketing department
7. Health & Safety – Adhering to all current legislation.